Friday, December 13, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge

 day 1- self portrait

day 2-what you wore today
day 3-clouds
day 4-something green
day 5- high angle
day 6-low angle
day 7- fruit

day 8-  bad habit
day 9- someone you love 
day 10-childhood memory 
day11- something blue
day12- sunset 
day13-yourself with 13 things
day 14- eyes 
day 15- silhouette
day 16- long exposure  
day 17- technology
day 18- your shoes

day 19- something orange
day 20- bokeh 
day 21- faceless self portrait
day 22- hands
day 23- sunflare 
day 24- animal
day 25- something pink  
day 26-close up  
 day 27-from a distance
day 28-flowers 
day 29- black and white 
day 30-self portrait